Jab I Met Alien - Amit Bhadana

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Out of the depths of wild imagination comes out a story of love, deception and pure thrill. Our protagonist Amit is living a pretty content life where he gets regularly thrashed by his live-in girlfriend. She dictates and he follows but one night lightning strikes, quite literally, and the girlfriend changes for good. At this point a mysterious character appears who reveals the secret of an alien abduction. Things only get weirder and hilariously complicated from here on. To find out, watch the video.
Director: Amit Bhadana , Fanush Saini
Story Concept & Written By - Amit Bhadana
Edited By - Amit Bhadana
Director of Photography: Rahul Mehta
1st Assistant Director : Rudraksh Vashist
VFX & CGI : Aman Bhatia
2nd Assistant Director: Ishika Duggal
Colorist - Sarfaraz Khan
Line Producer - Avinash Jindhad, Pankaj Kasana
Creative Discussion : Adheesh Verma , Swapnil Narendra
Thumbnail - Muzammil Hayaat
Location : Avdesh Yadav
Background Score : Lovepreet Singh
Makeup : Govind
Hair : Rohit
Act By -
Amit Bhadana
Lavina Khanchandani
Adheesh Verma
Vikas Bainsla
Avinash Jindhad



Instagram: theamitbhadana

Twitter: iAmitBhadana


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